Christopher Ritchie Works with Mike Rowe on Facebook Series, Returning the Favor

Christopher Ritchie graciously contributed his interior design expertise to an important member of any community – a teacher. Ritchie and his team from Zoltan Design Co. joined forces with Returning the Favor host Mike Rowe to help out a business owner in Baltimore, Maryland, Melissa Badeker, who has dedicated her life to giving back. A […]

Barn Door Benefits

Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Custom sliding barn doors are a signature project at Industrial Home Décor. The distinctive, upscale look is a stylish solution for cramped spaces while doubling as a beautiful piece of wall art. When a client considers space-saving options but also has a desire to create a chic atmosphere, custom sliding barn doors are an Industrial […]

Industrial Home Design

Interior Design

Industrial Home brings impressive experience and bold designs to the Washington D.C. interior design scene.  Considered a forerunner in Washington D.C. interior design, Industrial Home has a well-known passion and prominence within the industry. Celebrated for residential designs featured on HGTV, and the creations adorning high-profile hotels and restaurants, like Bryan Voltaggio’s Family Meal, and […]

American-Made Furniture in Frederick

American-Made Furniture in Frederick. We’re proud of our products and design style. What are we even more pleased with? The origin of our handcrafted furniture. At Industrial Home, we’re the hotspot for American-made furniture in Frederick. One of the things we love most about our business is that we inject style and personality into our […]

Industrial Home Wish List

If you’re reading this post, it’s most likely because you’ve seen a special piece online or fell in love with something beautiful in store. Have you been window shopping for awhile? Why not keep all of your interior design aspirations organized on our Industrial Home Wish List? Here are just a few of our reasons […]