Interior Design

Getting Creative with Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen has historically been known as the heart of the home- a space where families gather for warmth, light, and comfort. It’s no surprise that this atmosphere has carried on into our modern kitchen spaces as it serves as one of the most frequently visited rooms in the home. While today’s homes have evolved […]

Custom Sofas and Sectionals

Custom sofas and sectionals are the perfect way for clients to bring a modern, industrial feel to any living space. At Industrial Home, clients are given the opportunity to start from scratch and build their dream room from the floor up. Starting with a custom sofa or sectional is the perfect way to begin customizing […]

Spotlight on Millennial Pink

No other color can better describe the present moment than Millennial Pink. Taking the fashion and design industry by storm; this color is dominating trends across the globe. What exactly is Millennial Pink? This color is best described as a softer, subtler version of pink. It ranges anywhere between beige with a hint of blush […]

Christopher Ritchie Works with Mike Rowe on Facebook Series, Returning the Favor

Christopher Ritchie graciously contributed his interior design expertise to an important member of any community – a teacher. Ritchie and his team from Zoltan Design Co. joined forces with Returning the Favor host Mike Rowe to help out a business owner in Baltimore, Maryland, Melissa Badeker, who has dedicated her life to giving back. A […]

Barn Door Benefits

Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Custom sliding barn doors are a signature project at Industrial Home Décor. The distinctive, upscale look is a stylish solution for cramped spaces while doubling as a beautiful piece of wall art. When a client considers space-saving options but also has a desire to create a chic atmosphere, custom sliding barn doors are an Industrial […]