Custom Sofas and Sectionals

Custom sofas and sectionals are the perfect way for clients to bring a modern, industrial feel to any living space. At Industrial Home, clients are given the opportunity to start from scratch and build their dream room from the floor up. Starting with a custom sofa or sectional is the perfect way to begin customizing your living space by working with our designers to build a sofa or sectional that meets your specifications. With the option of “Fit to Space” customization, the dimensions of our signature designs are tailored to meet your spatial needs.

Creating a custom sofa or sectional provides unique comfort features- such as, adjusting the height and depth of the sofa, modifying the firmness of the cushion, and having the option of individual seat cushions, or a single bench cushion. Our custom sofas and sectionals are American made and filled with eco-friendly trillium, fill cushions.  By building your custom sofa or sectional with Industrial Home, you can be confident that your new piece will not only be stylish, but also comfortable.

Clients can also customize the look of their sofa by making color and material specifications to the base and frame of their piece. By ordering custom, clients are able to choose between wooden or metal legs, as well as pick from a variety of wood stain options. These personal touches allow for a number of different aesthetic combinations in order to compliment the client’s personal style and living space.

Designing a custom sofa or sectional with Industrial Home is the perfect way to create a fresh, new, living space with character. Whether you are designing a new room from scratch, or simply trying to find a quality piece of furniture to fit your unique requirements, our custom sofas and sectionals are built to meet your needs.