Getting Creative with Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen has historically been known as the heart of the home- a space where families gather for warmth, light, and comfort. It’s no surprise that this atmosphere has carried on into our modern kitchen spaces as it serves as one of the most frequently visited rooms in the home. While today’s homes have evolved from our dwellings of the past, the focus on the kitchen as a central living space remains the same.

One of the key factors to designing an inviting kitchen space is choosing the right light fixtures that will provide you adequate lighting while also not detracting from the visual design of your kitchen. One way to achieve this effect is by choosing the right light fixture for your kitchen island. Pendant lighting fixtures are a great solution for brining overhead, task lighting to your kitchen island so your work space is well-lit and functional. The use of pendant lighting also adds a level of depth to the room’s composition and acts as a focal point that draws the eye against an otherwise neutral background.

As Aaliya Husain from Industrial Home says, “Hanging pendants of varying shapes and sizes draw attention to the viewer’s eye. In tall spaces, the pendants are an excellent choice to add visual interest to the space.”

Industrial Home is excited to bring its distinct, signature,  island lighting. View the rest of Industrial Home’s selection of hanging pendants here



While overhead, task lighting is important for brightening up a specific space. It is also important to consider the peripheral lighting of the kitchen, which is responsible for creating the sense of warmth and comfort we are drawn to. A great way to achieve warm, ambient, lighting is by installing sconce light fixtures that help illuminate your kitchen space. Sconce lighting is great for providing balance to a kitchen’s composition by adding subtle focal points to different areas of the room.

Whether you’re looking for a piece that will blend in with the primary elements of your kitchen like our ‘Elbow Sconce’, or you prefer to add a quirky style to your space with our ‘Fanatic Wall Light,’ you can check out Industrial Home’s selection of Sconce lighting fixtures Here

Experimenting with kitchen lighting provides a lot of opportunity for customization and creativity, but with so many options it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. That’s where Industrial Home and Design comes in. Explore our home design services here, and feel free to stop by our showroom at 154-A North Market St., Frederick, MD 21701 for more examples of our signature style.