Spotlight on Millennial Pink

No other color can better describe the present moment than Millennial Pink. Taking the fashion and design industry by storm; this color is dominating trends across the globe. What exactly is Millennial Pink? This color is best described as a softer, subtler version of pink. It ranges anywhere between beige with a hint of blush to salmon. The most appealing aspect of this color is that it crosses the gender line. What was once considered a feminine color, it is now the millennial color.

This carpet (@oh.eight.oh.nine) on Instagram: “All I'm going to say is that, "it was only a matter of time" And it's stunning Jenni…”

Although Millennial Pink is seen everywhere in the fashion scene, from clothing and shoes to accessories and makeup, it is also trending in the world of interior design. Walls are being painted in this shade of pink and we are seeing sofas and chairs upholstered in this color. The subtle tone of Millennial Pink means that it is easily incorporated into any existing color palette, as an accent color to freshen up the space, a wall color to add brightness to north facing rooms, or a floor covering to usher in spring.  You don’t need to have your entire space emulate this color. You can start by making small changes to your existing decor. Adding pillows or a chunky throw creates that splash of color. In dining rooms, you can highlight the table with a pink runner, place mats, or napkins. To make more significant changes, you can paint a pink accent wall or add curtains and a rug. Millennial pink pairs beautifully with cream, white, grey, gold, and silver.

2018 interior decor trends millennial pink velvet sofa in living room

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